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An Earth Instrument has been designing and Servicing Electronics Weighbridge & Weighing System since last decades, using State of the art technologies for all Industrial, Commercial and Retail Weighing Requirement. Weighing Instruments Models are approved by Government of Gujarat.

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An Earth Instrument is one of the fastest growing companies in India with Focused Interesting in Servicing and Marketing of Weighbridge & Weighing Instruments demand by its strategic subsidiaries.
An Earth Instrument has been Servicing Electronics Weighbridge & Weighing System since last decades, using State of the art technologies for all Industrial, Commercial and Retail Weighing Requirement. Weighing Instruments Servicing & Dealer Approved by Government of Gujarat.


Conversion of existing Mechanical (Dial or Steel yard type) scale to Electro-Mechanical Using Simple”S”type load cell & Digitizer. Which known as Electro-Mechanical Conversion of Existing steady Tank to Electronic Tank Weighing system.


Existing Mechanical OR electro-Mechanical scale to Fully Electronic system using Four/Six OR Eight Load cell. Simple weighing system to data storage & Printing system. Weighing system with limited data storage & Printing system to PC base system with unlimited data storage. Weighing system with PC base system with unlimited data storage & on-line system with LAN.Existing weighing capacity as well as accuracy. Existing system in terms of length, width & strength of Mechanical structure.

AMC (Annual Maintence Contract)

Weighbridge AMC
Small scale AMC
With Spares / Without Spares option available
Bi-yearly Service options available.
With Stamping / Without Stamping options available.

On Call Paid Services

On call preventive services to check & calibrate the machine. We can charge only servicing charges.
Break down services We can charge service charge as well as spare charges.
Calibration & certification services for ISO & other requirement-We can charge service charge as well as certification charges.
Consultancy Services.

Only Stamping services we provide on consultancy basis.

We provide any complex weighing automation solution on charge basis.
We may provide weighing service solution on charge basis.
Visit charge may Claim

Weighbridge software

We have provided a weighbridge software Camera, mail & massage. It`s a multi function, latest technology multi user & all specification in built as per your requirement.

Company Message

Our organization is strongly committed to imbibe and pursue and nurture “quality improvement culture” in this country. The company’s ultimate mission Is that all consumers should get value for money instead of compromising and accepting quality available in the market. We believe that quality is a very Finely defined measured and can be improved upon only when measured with least uncertainty. In the years to come, An Earth Instrument would like to leave its Gene on any new weighing instrument in the market place. I, Bhavik Suthar thank all my team and family members for their support all these years And would like to assure customers that we will leave no stone unturned in reciprocating your faith and trust in this organization.

Weighbridge Care & Maintence

Weigh bridge care & maintenance is a team effort. It involves co-operation between vehicle drivers, weigh bridge owner, weigh bridge operator, and a weigh bridge servicing company. Performing some basic maintenance checks periodically will ensure Weigh Bridge will continue to operate long into the future.

Weighbridge Software

Weighbridge Management Software Version 6.70 is a user friendly and flexible system, this is designed to handle multi users who are setup by the administrator and granted different levels of rights and privileges. It is a network compatible system and be remotely accessed. Supported to Client Server System. The system can be supported by commonly available databases such as MS SQL Server 2005 / 2008 / 2012 Express Edition and full Edition, Ms Access. Click a Button below to Download Software



Click Here >> Win RAR Software

Weighbridge Soft V6.70
TVS Printer driver
Hyper Terminal EXE
Hyper Terminal dll
Earth Update

Pit Type Weighbridge

  • Capacity: 10MT to 100MT
  • Top Of Deck matches ground level if require
  • Structure, load cells, pedestals below ground level
  • No Access to Weighbridgecomponents for outsiders
  • It is Most Suitable, if the Space is Limited.
  • RS 232, RS 485 Or 4 to 20 Amp (Modbus or Ethernet Facility)
  • Natural drainage required if needed
  • Integration with computer or PLC
  • Jumbo Display for drivers visibility
  • All Types Of vehicles Can be Weighing as platform is in flushed with ground level.

  • Pitless Type Weighbridge

  • Capacity: 10MT to 100MT
  • Above Ground Level
  • Construction Cost Is Very Less
  • Easy Access to load cells for servicing and installation
  • Very less maintenance
  • Absolute Visibility for vehicle position
  • Ramps provided on either side to mount the weighbridge platform
  • RS 232, RS 485 or 4 to 20 Amp (Modbus or Ethernet facility)
  • Integration with computer or PLC
  • Jumbo Display for drivers visibility

  • Mobile Weighbridge

  • Capacity: 30MT to 100MT.
  • Fast Installation.
  • Economical, Adaptable and Portable Solution for most of temorary use (Agriculture, Building Trade, Infrastructure, Forestry, Rubbush for Landfill sites, Quarries, etc.)
  • Easy to shift to another place.
  • Less construction cost compare to other weighbridge.
  • Integration facility with other plant weighbridges.

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    If you notice any fault with your weigh bridge, contact us immediately. Delaying attention could compound the issue and turn a minor fault into a major repair.


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